How to lace skater shoes?

How to lace skater shoes?

How to lace skater shoes?

For new skateboards, they usually spend hours perfecting the skills they want to learn. We know that skateboarding is a fun and innovative game that most of our player base is very excited about.

People always say you will succeed once you know how to fail and this is true with skateboards but many of the cases fall from tying the wrong shoelaces. To avoid this easily, you only need to learn how to lace your skate shoes correctly. If you don’t know how to lace skate shoes in the right way, please read the valuable information below!


For what do you?

To start, we will learn the reason why you need to tie your skate shoes correctly.

The first reason is security. Not only helps avoid being canceled but also remains in shoes that don’t fall your feet. Look at the shoelace, they are too long and you need to reply so that they will not deter you. They are easy to wrinkle when you play skateboards. A more severe case is losing drive control.

The next reason is good for his appearance. This reason is not to force. But, some skaters enjoy classic style. Often, they have a tendency that likes to complete equipment with the same style. This one is not wrong because it can add a little delicacy to your clothes.

The last is to protect your rope from Aus quickly. As is known, the rope contributes to helping to hold the shoes mounted on your feet. So, it is necessary to hold them to tear. For skate shoes, shoelaces are rarely drained. They have a favorable design that helps keep the rope from the ground within a certain distance.

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In what way you can miss skate shoes without a bow?

It must say that binding skate shoes without a bow is quite simple. We realize that a large number of skateboards apply this method. Tie your skate shoes equally useful and effective in prevention of injury.

Look for that you don’t need to tie shoelaces, at least a few weeks after you’re done correctly.

Don’t worry we are here to help you learn how to optimize your lace for better performance!


Know how to lace skater shoes?



  • Start binding shoes, and make sure that the lace has been entered through the last loop down.
  • Continuously, before placing two ends of the rope that crosses others. You have to get it out.
  • Now, place the lace left on the right or upside down. Then, in foot shoes, you will tie two single knots.
  • For knotting lengths, you can fully adjust as desired.
  • Finally, slip the shoelace tied under the shoe tongue and show far ahead. But, remember that you don’t let them go into your feet.

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How many ways for van lace?

To tie van shoelaces, you need to make two loops, nodes, and drag. In line with that, it’s easy to get a good look, by making a rope that looks like your clothes. It’s the right time to get the most versatile van guide for you. Come look!

Honestly, this is the most common way when someone wants van lace. Cross Lace is the default van method. You can almost wear it on the road after removing it from the box. Consider what you need to do if you want to get cross-lace van shoes:


  • Starting from the outside into, thread two ends of shoelaces through a rope hole.
  • Continue threaded from outside in your shoes, by reaching for the right tip and threaded opposite the opposite side hole.
  • Repeat similar ways in the left lace.
  • Continue the process until you reach the top of your shoes.

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Van lace zipper.

We have found a useful method for those who are challenging to decide on a cross lace or bar. There is a zipper lace. Between knots finishing, this option is versatile and even simple to go.


  • In the first step, make a knot at one end of the lace and anchor for lace.
  • The next step is to insert the tip through the right hole (bottom position), from the inside out.
  • Loosen one end of your lace into the hole in the opposite position. You can think of the lace bar method.
  • Now, take the loose end and then with the opposite hole above.
  • Have you been pulled? Does not matter! It’s time to move into the opposite hole again.
  • Continue to repeat the process, by inserting lace through the opposite hole above until the end.


Van Lace Straight / Van Lace Bar

Simple shoes to tie skate shoes – lace bars carry enhanced views. The lace bar method will help hold shoes on your feet all day. So, how do you accommodate lace skate shoes?


  • At one end of your lace, let’s multiply.
  • Select the line to start in the hole under your shoes. Utas one lace ends through a hole from inside out.
  • Pull your lace through the right to the end.
  • Next is the opposite shoe hole. Move lace there and repeat the entrance out.
  • Now, complete the following rows, by inserting lace through the top hole to the bottom.
  • Similarly, repeat the method to enter lace through the opposite hole from inside.


What techniques can you use for skate lace shoes?

Do you want to ask if there is a unique hypothe-shoe method? The fact is there are many different ways. We cannot introduce everything to you, but we realize some of the original techniques you can try:

High arch

If your need is to minimize tightness and the desire to add comfort, this method is suitable for you.

First, you still tie the shoelace normally, by making criss-cross. Therefore, from both sides, start threading rope without intersection. Finally, through other eyelet holes, you will tie shoes.

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Feel too tight

Based on a flat distribution of shoelaces, it’s good to bring comfort.

You will make parallel clothing. Under each opposite rope hole, the rope thread by feeding them. And complete with binding your shoes as usual.


Tuck the heel

For those who want to get a lot of support from the ankle. But, it still ensures that the shoes are not too tight.

As usual, require you to lace your shoes from the second hole to the last. Has it directly to the last hole? Now, utas lace through the loop to the opposite side. Then, tie the shoelace as you want.

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